One of my last parkrun’s in Coventry

Welcome to my personal blog. Whenever I feel like it I will be posting some musings on topics that have peaked my interested, books that I have read, places that I visit, or anything else.

I am currently on my first year as a PhD Candidate in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom. My research topic is on the US-Chinese relationship from an English School perspective. If you are interested in International Politics, IR theory and foreign policy, it is likely that you will find something of interest around here. You can also follow me through academia.edu and on my University of Warwick webpage.1 2 At the same time, this is not a blog solely devoted to my research topics, far from it. As a personal blog, I am using it as a medium to write on issues that seem interesting to me.

I will use this space as a “journal”, collecting some thoughts on whatever I find to spark my interest. Most of these will probably be on running, travel, quotes from books that I am reading and on writing.


1. Academia.edu link
2. University of Warwick personal webpage


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